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  • What we already achieved ...

    • Since our organization was established in the year 2011, we have carried out the following projects in Cameroon:

      We collected several donations for our partner hospital St. Joan of Arc in Buea/Cameroon

      From there the medicine was redistributed to people who could otherwise not afford the treatment.

      Around Buea different educational campaigns were organized, including the free medical check-up of several orphans.

      As part of a bigger action more than 200 people were given medicine against parasites . Especially for young children and elderly, as well as HIV -positive people , the infection with e.g. Loa Loa or different worms can be dangerous. About the campaign was also reported in the local press.

      For our partner Dr. Giddo we have brought a new ultrasonic unit which he had needed. Transport and acquisition costs were covered completely by Naigahelp donations.

      Several hospitals in Buea and the surrounding areas have been equipped with new disinfectant and dressing materials.

    The ambulance for Buea

    • The main goal of our work is to finally build up a free ambulance service for the region around Buea in Cameroon (and later our operational areas in Nigeria also). Therefore we collect donations - and every volonteer who goes with Naigahelp to Africa, automatically gives a contribution.

      Meanwhile, we have build up a good network of contacts, which are all able to assist in the ambulance service : driver, paramedics and doctors. If you are interested you are warmly welcome to enter our network! We are pleased about every one who would like to help . In all likelihood, the final preparations will be completed by the end of 2016, so that the ambulance service can begin its work.

      Village in Cameroon, around Ngaoundere

      We will of course put lots of pictures , reports, and upload videos of the ambulance work here – so that you can follow our work for the people. If the Naigahelp ambulance is driving through Buea, we have one important step for the people made possible: a secure life with the certainty, to get medical aid in all emergencies fast and free - even without insurance. Our volunteer helpers can then participate in the emergency department – and help us so to reach our charitable aims. We will keep you up to date! Your Naigahelp team...