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  • Our work

    • Our projects are conducted together with contacts in the local population (doctors, local chairmen) to adapt well to the people’s needs.

      We are working with the people

      All field work is planned well so that it should always lead to a distinct aim (e.g. medical education talks in a certain disctrict, construction of emergency supply in a village, donation of medical equipment to our partners). This leeds to an open atmosphere and makes sure all donations are used effectively for the people, so that everyone can profit.

      Seminary for pupils in Makurdi, Benue State

    About our philosophy

    • We are working for the charitable aim of free medical care and good education for every person in our operational areas in Cameroon and Nigeria. Everybody is welcome to profit from our work, and we treat all people the same, regardless of gender, religion, social or educational background. We stand for our peaceful work in order to improve the standard of living for the poorest people on our planet. We highly respect local customs and traditions. This has made us a broad network of friends and partners throughout Nigeria and Cameroon, of whom Dr. Christopher Fongoum Giddo in Buea, and Mr. Kingsley Nosakhare Imade in Nigeria are exspecially helpful, which we would like to thank them for. May our work once reach the goal of a peaceful and equal society.

      Together with our local partner Wilson