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  • How we started ...

    • Many times we were asked how we have taken the energy to start building our own NGO.

      Our basic motivation to begin the Naigahelp project was to help the poor and needy people we met, when we worked ourselves as volonteers in a Cameroonian hospital after finishing high school. We had to watch in our hospital day by day the misery. In particular, the poor hygienic condition, and the still common practice “Who does not pay, will not be treated” made us very sad and let the wish grow, to move something to make the situation better. Undoubtedly, the scenes are burned into our memories , when patients with only small wounds came to the drainage for weeks, but have never shown any healing. As a disinfectant simple sugar water was used.

      Another fact is that victims of car accidents often didn’t get proper medical care due to the lack of a functioning ambulance system. Particulary at this point we began finally to set a clear goal in our mind: An ambulance , which will be available for all the people living in our operational areas without any need of payment. With this idea as a guiding principle , we have started our organization - and it remains our goal we strive to achieve latest in 2015.

      Our goals...

      We also started with other work fields: For example, just the funding of medication for people who could not otherwise afford it – like a charitable insurance replacement . A large motivation is the physician Dr. Giddo been whom we met during our work and who now is our partner in building the emergency department .

      Hopefully no later than the year 2016, the private clinic of Dr. Giddo will be developed into a high-tech rescue center where we can then treat medical and surgical emergencies by ourselves.

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